Party with a difference, 41years of service to the nation

An event was organized by the office of Sri Tejasvi Surya to commemorate the ‘41st sthapan diwas’ of the BJP and spokesperson of Karnataka unit of the BJP Sri Giridhar Upadhaya was invited to speak on the occasion along with Mr. Tejasvi Surya.

Speaking at the event Sri Upadhaya highlighted how the party grew from its days of inception to the present stage and highlighted the struggles of the BJP workers who worked selflessly for the party to reach this stage.

Reminiscing the initial days of the party he remembered how Shyama Prasad Mukherjee the cabinet minister in the Nehru cabinet differed about the policies of Nehru and set up Jansangh with a handful of RSS pracharaks and that’s how the ideological journey of BJP began during its initial days. He added that during the days of the Janata party when the question of duel membership arose members of the Jansangh decided to quit the Janata party and form the BJP. He went on to explain how the workers struggled to make the party achieve a foothold in the country and traced its journey from 2 to 300.

He added that the mission of the party was to make India achieve the status of ‘Vishwaguru’ and for every BJP worker it was country first, party next, and an individual came in the end and spoke about the sacrifice of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee during his struggle against article 370.

Speaking at the event honorable MP said that the BJP was established for the reconstruction of the country and taking it to supreme glory. He said unlike the Congress party which believed in the idea that India came into being in the year 1947, the BJP believed India that is ‘Bharat’ was one of the oldest civilizations in the world and the BJP was working towards restoring this glory.

He highlighted how the BJP was the only truly democratic party in the country where the internal party democracy was the basis of its rise and the institution of ‘Karyakartha’ was sacrosanct and anyone could rise up the ranks and go on to lead the party, whereas all the other parties whether regional or national had become family fiefdoms.

Mr.Surya highlighted how BJP was the only party apart from the Communist parties that were not only ideologically driven but also its ideology was native and connected to the roots of our civilization.

Sighting his own example he explained how the institution of ‘Karyakartha’ worked in the party and how he without any political background went on to become an MP first and then the Yuva morcha chief. He emphasized that the party believed in nurturing those who were willing to serve the country and gave a chance to them to do so.

Mr.Surya said that the BJP was the party with a difference and they were not in politics just for sake of winning elections but to bring about a change in the thought process of the country and the way in which the Hindu civilization is perceived. He then drew the attention of the audience towards the post-independence scenario that was created by the Congress that gave rise to two important factors that plagued Indian politics for a long time which were Nehruvian socialism that kept India and Indians poor deliberately and the second being Nehruvian secularism that negated anything Hindu or Indian and gave rise to appeasement politics that resulted in infiltration in border states and creation of vote banks.

For the first time in Indian history if there was any government that was trying to undo these mistakes then it was the BJP government led by Prime Minister Modi. He pointed out that the largest numbers of people were uplifted from poverty during the last six years due to the policies of the Modi government.

He pointed out to the fact the BJP was built on the principle of ‘tyaga’ and its glorious journey of 41years from Shyama Prasad Mukherjee to Narendra Modi entailed this principle.

The BJP according to the MP was entrenched with the principle of safeguarding the native cultural moorings of Bharat and hence had to face political untouchability and persecution from all sides. He added that often the opponents of the BJP labeled it as a fascist force but in reality, it was the BJP that fought the tyrannical emergency that was imposed by the Congress and won back Democracy for the country. He emphasized that the BJP even at the peak of its power wouldn’t impose an emergency because its core was Democratic.

Talking about the governance and the credentials of the party to govern the country the MP said that even the worst-performing BJP representative was better than the best performing Congress representative.

Talking about his experiences during his visit to various poll-bound states during this election cycle as a Yuva morcha karyakartha the MP said how there was mad squabble for power in other parties whereas for the BJP it was a civilizational battle to save the native culture of the country.

Talking about Tamilnadu he said how the chief opposition party the DMK was rabidly anti hindu in its approach and organized events where the husband cut the mangalsutra of his wife and how Hinduism was systematically defamed by the DMK.

He spoke about Kerala & Bengal and pointed out the persecution suffered by the BJP workers at the hands of the draconian administration.

The program ended with the dignitaries paying homage to the jawans martyred in the Naxal attacks in Chattisgarh and reaffirming their commitment towards service of the country.