BJP's Palakkad Assembly Program for Metro Man E Sreedharan

The state of Kerala is going to polls along with 4 other states in this election cycle and BJP is pulling no stops to ensure it puts up a strong fight in the state polls this time. The BJP has declared E. Sreedharan as the CM face of the BJP in Kerala and he is contesting from Palakkad assembly seat this time.

MP of Bengaluru south and BJP yuva morcha Chief Tejasvi Surya campaigned for Mr. Sreedharan in Palakkad. Speaking at one of the campaign events held in Palakkad he said that it was a great opportunity for him to campaign for Mr Sreedharan on behalf of the BJP and said that Mr Sreedharan was a modern day Vishveshvarayya.

Attacking the Pinarayi Vijiyan lead communist government he said that the state under the communists had no opportunity for the youth and depended on the remittances sent by those who had moved out of the country to the gulf and youth outside the state.He attacked Congress saying that the Congress party only made promises and never fulfilled them. Mentioning the example of his native Chikmagalur he pointed out that when Indra Gandhi lost in the north during emergency she came to the south to contest elections and during her campaign promised a 25km railway line, that promise wasn’t fulfilled even after 25 years of family rule of Congress from Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi and it was only the Modi government that ensured this project was completed.

He added that the same tradition was continued by Rahul Gandhi when he lost in Amethi he came to Kerala to contest elections. The MP attacked the Congress and the Left for lack of infrastructural development in Kerala.

Mr. Surya said that it was a great opportunity for a young karyakartha like him to share stage with a legend like Mr E. Sreedharan and it was possible in a party like BJP which was truly democratic unlike Congress.

Further he praised Mr Sreedharan for his contributions towards the nation and called him a karma yogi who walked the path shown by Bhagwan Krishna himself.

He emphasized this election wasn’t just a normal election but a battle for the survival of the civilizational values of Kerala which was constantly under attack by the radical islamists who were funded by foreign money and carried out love Jihad and land Jihad with the active support of congress and the left.

He attacked the Left government on the entry of women into Sabrimala and accused it of trying to desecrate the holy site. He said the only thing that stood in between this dictatorial regime and Ayyappa devotees was the ‘Matru shakti’ of Kerala that protected this age old tradition.

He was confident that in this election the BJP would put all its might behind ensuring Mr. Sreedharan wins from Palakkad and urged the people of Kerala to throw out the dictatorial communist regime which was like Bhasmasura that turned whatever it touched into ashes.