How India is fighting with COVID-19, under PM Modi's leadership

The opposition as usual resorted to playing politics during the time of national crisis and started a slander campaign against the MPs and state government. The Congress party decided to milk the crisis to the hilt by accusing the government of inaction and failure.

In order to dispel misinformation and make the people aware of the work done during the pandemic BJP Yuva morcha Chief and MP of Bengaluru south held a press briefing and listed out the various measures taken by the government to effectively combat the pandemic.

Addressing the media the MP first spoke about the vaccine program and how effective the vaccinations have been in combating covid, he said the only effective way to combat the virus is through vaccination and India’s vaccine program has been the most effective and scientific in its approach.

He said that the central government had warned the states about the second wave in March 17th this year in a video conference that was organized for the Chief Ministers like the congress accused the central government wasn’t napping.

During the first wave since there was no vaccination available it resulted in the deaths of a lot of frontline workers, but before the second wave started the government anticipated the need to vaccinate the frontline workers and through the PM cares fund was able to raise funds and allocate it to produce 66million doses of vaccine and vaccinate the frontline workers. Similarly, India went from importing PPE kits and masks to domestically producing them and exporting them within a year.

Talking about the vaccination program he underscored the point that during once in a century pandemic no developing nation has ever developed its own indigenous vaccine and India was the only country to administer 18.5 crore vaccines and this was a record in itself.

In September this year production capacity of the vaccines would be ramped up to 10crore doses a month, out of which Karnataka would get 1.1crore vaccines.

While all this was being done by the central government to safeguard the citizens of the country the Congress party chose to fear monger about the vaccines and create vaccine hesitancy among the people by calling it a “BJP vaccine”.

First, the opposition asked the government to give permission to the states to procure the vaccines themselves but when the government obliged they started blaming the central government for not procuring enough vaccines.

Addressing the issue about the oxygen requirements the MP said the production capacity of oxygen in the country was 900 metric tons but the requirement during the second wave rose up to 9000 metric tons, an astronomical number but still the government didn’t blame anyone but chose to increase the production capacity which was 5000 metric tons in August 2020 to 9446 in May this year, the government ensured not only the production part was taken care of but also provided logistical support in supplying it through oxygen express.

The government also imported oxygen from other countries around the world and made sure there was ample supply of oxygen; Karnataka so far had received 4 oxygen expresses each carrying 120 metric tons of oxygen said the MP.

The opposition which was running a negative campaign about the MPs should introspect and give constructive suggestions to the government and for this, they need not look at other countries for inspiration but Ex-Prime Minister Sri H D Devegowda who wrote a letter to the prime minister and acted as mature politician during the period of crisis.

On remdesivir, he said Karnataka received 5lakh and odd vials and the next consignment 4lakh vials would arrive in next few days said the MP and thanked Sri Sadananda Gowda for his efforts. He added that the remdesivir that Karnataka received was 11% of the total produce.

Not only this the total medical seats in Karnataka saw an increase of 36% and PG saw an increase of 56% during the Modi regime, the MP said the government realized just producing medicine was not enough but increasing the number of doctors was also need of the hour and hence the government had made all possible efforts to achieve this.

When covid hit for the first time there was only one testing lab but today there are 2463 labs in the country that have a testing capacity of about 15lakhs a day. From viral transport medium to testing kits all of them were made in India and this was an achievement by itself underscored Mr.Surya.

He added that in the coming days every district would get an oxygen supply plant of its own. Meanwhile, DRDO also had come up with an anti covid drug, all this was possible thanks to the efforts of the government but instead of helping the government in the fight the opposition resorted to fear-mongering and politicization of the issue at such a critical juncture and with the help of its ‘TOOLKIT,’ it had brought disrepute to the country and the state.