Kala Nidhi 2021 - Addressing the media

Art and music touch every aspect of our life, whether it’s a happy occasion or when one’s feeling low, music immediately is a go to avenue for an individual for elevating his/her mood.

The pandemic has presented before us a never seen before situation, where there is struggle for survival and mad squandering for resources. In such a situation when everyone is struggling to make ends meet, no one thought about the plight of artists and musicians who might be facing the same difficulty if not worst.

In order to help the musicians and artists in distress MP of Bengaluru south Tejasvi Surya along with singer Vijay Prakash launched an initiative called ‘Kalanidhi’, with the support of government of Karnataka.

Kalanidhi a concert series which will be streamed over 3 days will have various artists performing for a fund raiser which will be used to support artists who are in dire need of help. Speaking on the occasion of launch Mr. Surya thanked government of Karnataka for supporting the initiative.

He also thanked Sonu Nigam who had agreed unconditionally to support the initiative and had agreed to come to Bengaluru and perform at the event.

Speaking at the launch singer Vijay Prakash said that it’s in the nature of people of Karnataka to support those in needs and said that people would definitely contribute to this initiative. He also thanked the government of Karnataka and Chief Minister the government of Karnataka and Chief Minister Yeddyurappa for his support.

The event will be streamed online on 25 th , 26 th and 27 th and payment gateway has been created for people to contribute money for the initiative which will be directly sent to the accounts of artists.

In his concluding remarks Mr. Surya said that the ultimate aim of the initiative was to support those in need.