Tejasvi Surya addresses Townhall Meeting in Ernakulam (Kochi) - Kerala

The state of Kerala has unfortunately been under the grip of Communists and the Congress. The UDF and LDF have hardly contributed anything positive in the growth story of such a vibrant and glorious state. But things are changing and new political movements are emerging in the state due to the aspirational youth of Kerala. Recognizing this ground swell of angst against the current political dispensation, the Kerala state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party decided to fight the oppressive communist government tooth and nail in the upcoming state elections.

Speaking at a town hall organized by the BJP, MP of Bengaluru south Tejasvi Surya said that the UDF and LDF are the two sides of the same coin and had together stalled the development of Kerala, which forced the youth of Kerala to migrate and turned Kerala into a remittance dependent economy which was not sustainable in the long run.

Mr.Surya highlighted the unfortunate state of Kerala; the land of great gurus was pushed to the margins by the communists. Due to their misrule of 70 years, there was hardly any private investment in Kerala and the state saw a migration of talented youth to neighboring states like Karnataka. The corrupt communist government was appointing its own relatives and acquaintances for the government posts in the PSC recruitment resulting in a massive scam.

Like all the communist dictators around the world, CM Pinnarayi Vijayan was leading the most corrupt regime and every day a new scam is unearthed in Kerala under communist rule. While the rest of the country developed Kerala lagged behind.

The honorable MP said that the BJP wasn’t just fighting an election but a civilizational war to save the culture of Kerala and the BJP was ready to fight anything that was hurled towards them by the oppressive regime. Talking about the doubters who often imply that it was an impossible task for the BJP to form a government in Kerala, he said that the BJP wasn’t just a party but a movement and that movement started with 10 people, grew up to 303 seats and ten crore workers even bigger than the communist party of China.

He added that the BJP was the party of the present and future and the era of failed ideology like communism was over and urged the people of Kerala to vote for BJP as it embodied development, safety, and harmony. He urged the young karyakarthas of BJP to reach out to the youth of Kerala and enroll them in the ideology and idea of BJP.

He opined that this election wasn’t just a normal election but a battle for the survival of the civilizational values of Kerala which was constantly under attack by the radical Islamists who were funded by foreign money and carried out love Jihad and land Jihad with the active support of congress and the left.

He accused that in the name of women empowerment the left government was trampling the temple culture of Kerala and hurting the Hindu values and traditions.

And pointed out that the real empowerment of women would be giving representation to them but Congress and the left didn’t do anything in this regard and said that it was the BJP that fielded more women candidates than any other party and said he bowed down to the ‘Matru Shakti’ of Kerala.

He called the communists as the Bhasmasuras and remarked that whatever they touched turned into ashes and it was time for Kerala to throw out this oppressive and corrupt regime.