Tejasvi Surya’s Address about Covid situation

India is facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of the second wave of the covid pandemic; this has caused panic among the people. In order to allay the fears of people BJP Yuva Morcha chief and MP of Bengaluru south decided to address the people through social media platforms via video conferencing.

Talking about the situation honorable MP made three important points, he first asked people not to panic and indulge in fear-mongering, he highlighted that majority of covid patients recovered without hospitalization and the mortality rate was also less and hence requested people not to panic.

He then requested people not to get tested unnecessarily as the system would get overwhelmed to due to a large number of people opting for RT-PCRs.

He emphasized on the importance of staying back at home and staying safe as life comes first before anything else.

The MP spoke about the steps taken by the government to fight this pandemic and highlighted how both the central government and the state government had made sure there were enough supply medicines and oxygen for the hospitals to use.

The MP said that he had reached out to JSW steel Vijaynagar for help and the Chairman of the company Sri Sajjan Jindal had responded positively to the request and had agreed to supply oxygen.

He stressed the need to stop hoarding drugs like Remdisivir because people were doing so even when they had a mild form of infection. Mr. Surya highlighted that there was no protocol even by the world health organization or AIMS that suggested that Remdisivir was a cure for covid.

During the course of his address, he pointed out that many people even with mild symptoms and infection called his office and requested a bed in the hospital which was not required.

Mr. Surya underscored the point that young people and those without Comorbidities could recover from the disease via telephonic consultation with the doctors and home isolation.

He specifically urged people not to overwhelm the system by indulging in fear-mongering. He underlined the need for Covid appropriate behavior and the need for masking up and following social distancing.

Underlining the need for vaccination Mr. Surya pointed out the example of Israel and how the country defeated covid through mass inoculation. Since the government had now opened up vaccination he called upon people to get vaccinated by registering on the CO-WIN, app, as data had proven that 90% of those vaccinated were either immune to the disease or recovered faster with mild symptoms.

Here he gave the example of the Chief Minister of the state Sri B.S Yeddyurappa who had been infected for the second time but recovered within three days in spite of being more than 70 years of age and having comorbidities after he was vaccinated.

The honorable MP also assured people that everyone was together in this fight against covid and they shall succeed.