Politics of change: working for the people despite all odds

Following up on the major bed scam unearthed by MP Tejasvi Surya the Chief Minister called the MP to discuss changes and the reforms that can be made in the allocation process in order to ensure transparency.

Within hundred hours of unearthing the scam the government swung into action and initiated various reforms under the leadership of the honorable MP, Chief Minister and Sri Arvind Limbavali.

In order to let people know about the reforms carried out by the government, a press briefing was organized by the MP’s office and the media was briefed about it.

The reforms carried out in the bed allotment process were as follows,

Firstly the process of manual unblocking had been done away with because this was a major loophole within the system and it was misused by miscreants to make proxy bookings.

The second reform was to make sure the information reached the patients about the booking of beds which was not available earlier. Now the patients get an alert via SMS with details of beds booked in their names. This would largely put an end to proxy booking and make sure the right people are benefitted.

The third reform is two-factor authenticated person-specific logins; earlier war rooms had generic logins with the common usernames used by multiple people, this has been now done away with and bookings will now be tagged to individuals, which will bring more transparency and accountability.

The fourth and the most important reform is that the reservation time of the bed has been reduced to four hours which was ten hours earlier.

The MP also said that within the next few days there will be a queue system that will be visible to people when they go for booking a bed.

The MP thanked the Chief Minister for his prompt action, Sri Nandan Nilekani for helping out with the software requirements.

The MP said while they were struggling to bring out the discrepancies and loopholes in the system the opposition indulged in fear-mongering, polarization, and slander instead of offering constructive suggestions.

Mr. Surya said that the Congress party and its ecosystem spun a web of lies around the scam and indulged in cheap politics.

Replying to the accusations by the congress party which said that a specific community was targeted while unearthing the scam, he said that the 16 members of the war room were suspended before the MP reached the hospital for inspection and this specified by the BBMP commissioner Gaurav Gupta himself to the media.

Speaking about the false accusations made by the Congress party and its ecosystem that compared him to Ajmal Kasab, Mr Surya said till the time he is the MP of Bengaluru south his only intention was to work for the welfare of the people and he was not bothered about the slander campaign unleashed by the opposition.