SANSAD UDYOGA MITRA- 4th EDITION - 4th edition of job walk-in-drive held for aspirants

The 4th Edition of the job walk-in-drive - Sansad Udyoga Mitra was held on 8th of January, 2021 at Brigade Software Park, Banashankari in the city.

SANSAD UDYOGA MITRA- 4th EDITION - 4th edition of job walk-in-drive held for aspirants
SANSAD UDYOGA MITRA- 4th EDITION - 4th edition of job walk-in-drive held for aspirants
SANSAD UDYOGA MITRA- 4th EDITION - 4th edition of job walk-in-drive held for aspirants
SANSAD UDYOGA MITRA- 4th EDITION - 4th edition of job walk-in-drive held for aspirants
The Sansad Udyoga Mitra (SUM) is an initiative taken by the MP of Bengaluru South and National President of BJYM Shri Tejasvi Surya to provide more employment opportunities for job seekers by matching their skill sets and abilities in the state. This is an effort to enrich the lives of thousands of youngsters and other job seekers.
On the 8th of January, Sansad Udyoga Mitra gloriously began off the 4th edition with 722 job openings and 1000+ telecalling initiations and skill centres open for the opportunists. Sansad Udyoga Mitra is open for all the candidates who have completed their 10th grade to candidates who study and pursue B.Com, MBA, M.Com and other such courses. This platform is exclusively skill based and candidates are also trained and uplifted on their key skills to reach their potential and grow in their work place.

Eminent speakers of this beneficial session was our very own MP Shri Tejasvi Surya along with directors and managers of different companies who are Mr.Sandeep Ravi, Mr Pradeep, Mr Ravindra Pai (M.D, Century Real estate Holdings Pvt limited), Mr Punyapal, Mr Hirdesh Rotagiri (Global Procurement Manager), Mr Jayaram s Govinddah (MRCIS, Director, Group Real estate), Mr Sundara Murthy and Mr Achuth Gowda (MD, Fenfe metallurgical).
Mr P Ravindra Pai (M.D at Century Real Estate Holdings Pvt Ltd) to the candidates guided to “Stay relaxed and stay focused on the job. Grow with the companies and overrun your thresholds to have a stand, become indispensible in your roles and work like the owner and worship your work to achieve, focus and this will lead anyone to the optimistic line of life” which was a food of thought to all the candidates who had applied for the jobs and who wanted an establishment in their individual lives.
Mr Hurdesh Rotagiri added “Jobs are a matter of time and one should never lose hope on it. Never take a position undermining your capability”. He also appreciated the transparency followed in the framework by the MP and his Office which allows any individual especially during crisis to come up for such open opportunities not once but every month. 
Skill makes a human different from another and one should always discover their inner skill to work harder and efficient in any setting, work place or a company.
Shri MP Tejasvi Surya started off by bidding a thanking note to all the organisations that have extended a generous hand to hire the candidates from all across the city and state and also conveyed his regards to everyone present.

Shri Tejasvi Surya shed light on some of the key topics. The Sansad Udyoga Mitra’s main objective was to avoid haphazard work and to not come up with events or drives just for PR stunts to impress the audience on the outer look and gain personal fame, but its main objective and purpose was to change the model of thinking by organizing such job walk-in drives every month to make sure the people and candidates who failed last time can rework on their skills and abilities and walk in all again with confidence and optimism. Up skilling is the key to any work/job irrespective of how or what it is. As this is happening for the first time in the country, he is immensely proud on the work the team has pulled out and thanked again for the massive support by the companies to hire all the candidates even at the time of such economic contractions. 
He informed “Jobs are important for any individual not only to earn and make a living for one, but also to clear all the education loans, fund the family and always stand as a helping hand at the times of crisis. This platform of SUM provides equal opportunity to everyone and is a stepping stone opportunity for an individual’s dream job. Let us all walk on the hunger of our will power and growth to have a stand in the community and get better and smarter in life.”
He also quoted from the famous investor Warren Buffet who had said “Invest in yourself first”. Learn to fight challenges and explore new paths to discover better strengths and weaknesses of one. 
Constant learning and up skilling is very important and self-learning is an everyday exercise one should work out on. Motivate yourself and train to be better than yesterday. This will help you stand out and find your field of work.
He also suggested to the audience that start and encourage small scale business which would one day grow bigger and might also turn to be the MNC next door. Honesty and hard work has 100 paths and this will help business grow. India rapidly progresses due to the massive power in youth and the platform will try to do the best to gather this power and make everyone special and skilled in their own ways. He ended his note by thanking the companies for 722 openings and wished the very best for the candidates.
SUM is the platform which is surely going to employ and train the candidates in the right and transparent way to unify the power and help with the growth of the county financially and equally.
The drive was organised by Bengaluru South MP’s office in association with Fidelitus Corp, Act Indi, Shilpa Foundation, Kassia, Lahu Udyog Bharati, Aqua Academy, Spayee and Aryan Institution.