The idea of building a ‘New India’ lies in the all-round holistic development of the country. A New India must not only be a technologically advanced one but also a fit and a healthy one too, as our country is a young nation we must focus on living a healthy life.


Keeping this in mind our Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the ‘Fit India’ mission to encourage the youth of the country to become fit. Even though India is a young nation with a large youth population our country’s performance has not matched the expectations of our country in international sporting events due to lack of infrastructure, the Modi government seeks to address this issue by building a world-class infrastructure for encouraging the youth to take up sports.

Keeping this vision in mind ‘Fit Bengaluru for a Fit India’ event was organized which was attended by Union minister Kiran Rijiju and MP of Bengaluru south Tejasvi Surya. Both of them took part in the mini-triathlon that was organized. A triathlon is an endurance multisport race consisting of swimming, cycling, and running over various distances.

The event started with a 3 km run by joggers in the pristine Lal Bagh, which was not only refreshing but also witnessed a large number of people attending it and was a huge success. After the run, addressing the crowd union minister Kiran Rijiju said the pre-condition for a fit India was a fit Bengaluru and he could feel the enthusiasm of the youth present there towards the cause of fitness.

He emphasized that the central government would work towards developing a world-class sporting infrastructure for the youth of Bengaluru. With Bengaluru already having centers of good sporting events like Kantheerava, Chinnaswamy, etc MP’s commitment to further modernize and add new and advanced infrastructure will give a boost to the sporting fraternity.

The MP address highlighting the need to create world-class sporting infrastructures will bring in a fresh wave of enthusiasm and positivity in already aspiring professional athletes and budding youngsters.

After the run-in Lal Bagh the dignitaries participated in cycling 2 km and swimming for 2 laps and played
water polo at the Basavangudi aquatic center after the swim. Union Minister appreciated the honorable
MP and his team for organizing such a great event.